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What big players are showcasing at Infocomm 2019

Written by: Fae Sarshoghi

With the news coming out and #infocomm2019 trending, we had a look at the displays launched or highlighted this year by big players in commercial AV and here’s what we found:

(Please note this is not a konnectus product review, and that konnectus strongly advises seeking expert advice from your trusted AV consultants, if you were to consider using any of the products introduced here).

Samsung MagicINFO 7 with AI-Based Analytics Solution

Samsung claims this product being a powerful content and device management solution, which allows businesses to conveniently create, schedule and play content across a signage network while delivering informative business insights through real-time integrated data collection and analysis. The Analytics feature on MagicINFO, is supposed to help the marketers to analyse big data and in-store customer behaviour to display the most relevant content customized for customers’ needs. The performance reports generated through the Analytics will allow the marketers and business owners to better understand promotion results, and therefore better plan future marketing campaigns. I tend to stay pessimistic and say “yeah! Good luck with that!” but I know and you know how fast technology is moving, so why not!

Samsung New Flip 65-inch and QLED 8K signage

Another digital flipchart by Samsung, offering greater collaboration capabilities in an easy to navigate display.

This is said to be the world’s fastest interactive touch display. Does this mean faster and more efficient collaboration experience for your team, Samsung’s answer to that question is “yes”.

The 65-inch screen seems to be designed with larger meeting rooms and classrooms in mind. For this model, Samsung introduced the No Gap Wall Mount, to reduce the gap behind the display once mounted.

Elo 65″ Touch Screen

The 65-inch touchscreen features thin borders and built-in, high-powered speakers that are down-firing to enhance aesthetics and audio quality.

Use cases include presentations, whiteboarding, device connection, conferencing and meeting management, and anywhere a wall tablet enhances the aesthetic and experience.

LG Micro LED

“LG MicroLED technology relies on arrays of microscopic LEDs that form individual pixels that work independently to express image detail”, this line alone is taking our expectations to a next level. There is no colour distortion at any angle and, with no bezel, images are more immersive. At less than 50 micrometres, each LED is about the size of a speck of dust or half the width of a human hair.


Leyard Group and Planar Systems Transparent OLED Display

Another product that has been trending, which seem to have amazed the visitors is the 1.2 pixel pitch curved LED video wall.

It is said to be delivering clear, crisp image at every angle and viewing distance. Similar to other Leyard TVG Series products, this product offers front serviceability and a stackable design that eliminates cabinet to cabinet cabling and reduces installation and alignment complexity.

Photo Credit: Google/Twitter