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Provide the freedom of choice for different people within your organisation with a variety of different space types and technology solutions.

Effortless transition between working remotely and in the office can be achieved using robust and connected AV, ICT, and workspace platforms.

Collect data on space and technology use and make ongoing adjustments to improve and optimise employee and customer experiences.


Modular furniture and flexible AV and ICT technology enable many types of teaching and learning within a single footprint.

Everyone has their own portable device. Seamless communication and data sharing is critical to effective learning and collaboration.

Leverage AV and ICT technology to reach thousands of people in live sessions, and enable your content to be watched again and again on demand.


Use digital technologies to bring people together in a virtual environment. Create computer simulated models for simulated face to face collaboration.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and virtual meeting spaces remove all the barriers of geography and facilitate a richer 3D experience.

Immersive virtual environments are fast becoming the replacement for traditional 2D video conferencing.


Immerse your audience with dynamic lighting and high fidelity surround sound.

Create unforgettable experiences using the latest high resolution display technologies. Brilliant colours of an LED wall, or projection mapping across a huge curved canvas.

Make imagination become reality. Wired and wireless networks provide flexibility and ease of control.


Enhance the customer experience and enrich collaboration by leveraging the latest audio and video technology.

Increase customer engagement by creating immersive and exciting environments.

Keep flexibility in mind to cater for different events, experiences and set ups.

Customer Experience Centres

Optimal size and placement of technology guarantees the magistrate, witness, jury, lawyers, and public can all clearly see.

Great audio is critical. The audio system and the acoustics of the room are considered and designed in harmony.

Video conferencing, live streaming, and playback on demand enable viewing and participation for people that cannot be in the room.

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Law courts and Hearing rooms

Enable fast communication and decision making in 24/7 environments.

Leverage modern AV and ICT technology to connect people, locations, and important data located anywhere in the world.

Careful planning and a thorough understanding of the processes and people operating in the space will ensure the right design and outcome.

Every Command and control rooms

Create highly targeted digital messaging designed to reach a specific audience at a specific time.

Cut through the noise and ensure your message is seen. Use content that is eye catching, dynamic, and perhaps even a talking point.

Centrally manage all of your digital displays from a single point with complete freedom and flexibility.

Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Connect to the world. Anywhere to anywhere.

Seamless sharing of ideas and communication without boundaries is no longer a nice to have….its a minimum requirement.

Give your staff and customers the unified communication technology tools to deliver their best work.

Unified Communications