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CA ANZ – Pilot Floor

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) embarked on a transformative project to upgrade the audio-visual technology systems in their Sydney office located at Level 3, 33 Erskine St. In collaboration with the JLL workspace team, a suite of new and innovative AV solutions were implemented under the konnectus team guidance to meet CA ANZ’s vision for a modern and cutting-edge workplace.

The project began with a thorough needs assessment, ensuring a deep understanding of CA ANZ’s specific requirements and goals. By conducting interviews and gathering feedback from key stakeholders, the team was able to tailor the AV solution to their unique needs. Building on the needs assessment, a concept design was developed, followed by a detailed design phase. The aim was to create functional and user-friendly spaces that catered to different meeting requirements, including focus rooms, small meeting rooms, large meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, and project spaces. The design incorporated advanced features such as wireless and wired screen sharing, multiplatform video conferencing capabilities, and interactive touch screens, exemplified by the Commbox Interactive Classic model.

Recognizing the importance of a successful transition, customized user training was provided. The training sessions were tailored to familiarize CA ANZ’s staff with the new AV systems and ensure a smooth adaptation. This was particularly crucial as the organization moved from older technology to more advanced and feature-rich solutions.

The pilot floor served as a testing ground for the innovative AV technology implemented. It demonstrated CA ANZ commitment to creating a modern and advance workplace. As the project concluded, CA ANZ now enjoys a state-of-the-art AV system that support their evolving needs and sets the stage for future growth and success.