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Westpac offices in Perth & Brisbane

Westpac Banking Group went through the process of upgrading its offices in Perth and Brisbane over the course of the two year period between 2017 and 2019. Westpac has many offices all over Australia and their technology division has the responsibility to manage the AV and ICT technology across all of these assets from central locations. Given this requirement, Westpac have developed detailed AV and ICT standards over the years that must be followed closely on all new projects and upgrades.

The Westpac standards are highly technical and need to be correctly understood and interpreted by non-technical members of wider project teams. Incorrect implementation of the standards can have major knock on affects that compromise user experience and serviceability of the technology in the office spaces.

The konnectus team were able to act as an extension of the Westpac technology team on the Perth and Brisbane projects and ensure that the designs were correctly documented and co-ordinated with the architects and building services engineers. Then, during the build phases, konnectus worked closely with the relevant installers and commissioning teams to make sure all systems met the strict Westpac criteria. Our attention to detail throughout all phases of these two projects proved to be key in making them a success for Westpac.

The AV technology enabled room types and systems across both projects are similar and include different open and enclosed collaboration spaces, small, medium, and large enclosed meeting and conference rooms, large executive boardrooms, large combinable function spaces, flexible training rooms, digital signage, room booking, waiter call with integration to inhouse catering systems.