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AVT Systems in the Sydney Council Chambers

In 2017 the City of Sydney contacted konnectus to assist with the review of the Audio-visual technology (AVT) systems in the Sydney Council Chambers located within the iconic Town Hall building in the city’s central business district. This beautiful heritage listed space is used heavily by the city for council meetings, committee meetings, and other formal meetings and presentations.

The city was struggling with the existing AVT systems for different reasons that included: difficult for people to use, poor audio experience, legacy systems not compatible with modern technology, and regular system failures due to age.

The konnectus team spent time observing the workflows in the different types of meetings and interviewed key stakeholders to understand their true requirements.

The heritage nature of the space proved to be a challenge during the design development and the team was able to implement solutions that fit neatly within the built environment without detracting from the interior design.

The newly refurbished space was successfully delivered in mid-2019 and features elements that meet the City’s core needs. These include wireless and easy to use microphone and electronic voting system, improved distributed loudspeaker system, fully digital audio and video systems, and integration with back-end IT systems.