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Pretend to be a Robot for Better Human End User Experiences

When’s the last time you “pretended to be a robot” when trying to work the AV technology at your organisation?

What does this mean? It means taking a step back and removing the things you take for granted, or assume everyone understands, when using the technology. In other words, you pretend to be a simple robot that cannot really make any complex decisions by itself.

Small and seemingly trivial things can be unwelcome barriers to achieving seamless end user experiences for human beings. The best way to uncover these is by pretending to be a simple robot!

At konnectus we have learned the art of playing the robot and built it into our processes when working for our clients.

For example, our independent audits and testing of systems have become much more rigorous, which helps to optimise system configuration and the end user experience for humans.

One of our team will try to use the installed AV system. Noting as they go what might confuse a human end user. What might make the person stop? Think? Do the wrong thing? Or just walk away completely?

We always do the testing with client representatives present, and often they say…

“Oh that’s not supposed to happen.”

“Hmm we need to fix that.”

“Why did that image take so long to appear on the display screen?” etc.

  • ♦  As technical people we often don’t see exactly what our regular end users see.

♦  We assume everything is working the way it’s supposed to work.

  • ♦  We have blind spots that blind or confuse our fellow humans that will be using the systems.

A confused mind always says NO.

When you find and fix the problems found by pretending to be a simple robot, you can significantly improve the human end user experiences in your organisation. What would that be worth to you?

Could it be worth thousands of dollars each month?

Your million-dollar advice for today: Play the role of the simple robot. Or, much better yet, have someone else (outside your company) do it for you.

Like to know more about this topic? We can help. Feel free to reach out.