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Meeting Room Tech that Works First Time

David – In this video we’re going to talk about probably the most common problem we seem to hear all the time from organisations, and that is about just connecting their laptops onto a presentation screen in a Meeting Room of sorts. It seems always be such a difficultl thing to do or a big pain point for them. Why is that? Let’s have a look at this Meeting Room here and tell us what we’re seeing.

Jonathan – Well, you walked into a Meeting Room here, I can see you’ve got your surface but your presented with a mess on the table. You’ve got many different cables to connect. DVI I see, HDMI, Display Port, Audio. There’s a keyboard and mouse. There’s even Barco ClickShare. I can see you’re confused. You don’t know what to do here.

David – I am, Jonathan. Straight away, I am on the back forth here. I don’t really know which one of these I’m supposed to choose. I’ve got all of these options and a few of them could potentially work on my device, but which one is the right one? I don’t know. Straight away I’m going to be feeling a little bit anxious, and nervous, and I’m going to waste people’s time, and I could be trying to make a big presentation to my peers, or my boss, or any important Clients.  It’s not a good way to start a meeting and more than likely we’re going to be 5 minutes late at best.

Jonathan – Well, let’s have a look at some of the ways that we’ve solved this exact problem for our Customers. Here, this picture is significantly different. Streamlined and clean table. There’s one cable to connect to the laptop and you know exactly what to do.

David – And here’s another example of the exact same thing, Jonathan. The Customer, in this case, wanted to have a resident PC. It’s the only way to present onto those screens and they’ve also provided a keyboard and mouse. So, it’s, basically, just like a workstation, or your PC at home. Almost everyone knows exactly what to do there. They go, sit down, and start using the technology.

Jonathan – This one here, we’ve got two screens. But again, it’s very simple. There’s one way to present: Barco ClickShare. You take the dongle, plug it into your laptop, and your presenting; streamlined.

David – And this last one is the Microsoft Surface Hub. This product is so simple to use but it’s got a lot of features packed into it. You basically walk up in the room, and you got three choices: you can use the whiteboarding function, you can present your laptop to the screen, or you can make a Skype for Business call. It’s all quick and easy, and quick and easy is exactly the summary here. We’ve come up with four examples for some of our customers where we’ve removed the complexity and we’ve given them one way to connect so they can be in those Meeting Rooms and be up and running in seconds.