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Integrate 2018

Adrian – So, about three years ago, I actually used to work on one of these booths. And we used to get consultants who would come by the booths and asked a really great inquisitive questions and, you know, I vowed three years ago to become a consultant myself. So, we’re here at Integrate 2018 and it’s, sort of, coming of age mode for me because, you know, now is my turn to be the one who goes to the booths and asks all the questions.

Fae – Hi, this is Fae from Konnectus. So, for someone like me coming from an architectural background to Audio Visual, it’s just fascinating to see how technology has advanced. We all remember that until, just a few years ago, architects had to use straight lines and so they were, actually, they were designing around technology, but now technology is taking shape around those different curves of architecture.

Adrian – So, when people ask me why high brightness and why high definition, I say to you this… This picture is actually a projector screen.

Adrian – That was Integrate 2018, behind the flashing lights and holograms, it’s always important to stop and take what the exhibitors say with a grain of salt.

Fae – That’s right Adrian. Expos have a habit of showcasing what their products do really well, but they always try to hide any flaws with their products.

Adrian – That’s why it’s always important to consult an expert whenever considering different technology options. Here at konnectus, we generally bench test these claims from different manufacturers, but also encourage our Clients to do a Proof of Concept in their office to see how it works in their environment.

Fae – If you wish to talk to us about any of these new technologies, please feel free to contact us via our website Thanks for watching.