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Fit for purpose meeting room technology

Written by: Alex Frew

With so many product options available to wirelessly stream your mobile device in HD quality, and large screens so readily available, we’re often asked why we recommend commercial grade devices for meeting rooms and office fit outs.

Surely a consumer grade product that does a similar job would be sufficient, and of course it’s normally much cheaper. Typically these products are also easier to source, with anyone being able to buy them directly from a large retailer.

Now I could launch into the Pro’s and Con’s of consumer versus commercial grade products, but I think it’s far more important to understand the situation or purpose you are going to use these devices for. In fact, we always recommend devices that are fit for the intended purpose.

In some instances, such as a TV in lunch room or staff breakout, a consumer TV is perfectly appropriate, and does exactly what you need it to do. If it stops working, you could simply replace it with a similar product and the impact to your business in this downtime is minimal.

However, if you have a training room or meeting room where you may have different connection options for different meeting types, this may require special screen connections, resolutions, or colour depth for a particular application. The screen is also vital to the majority of meetings in that room, and if it breaks, this would cause the functionality of the room to be severely affected. The end result could have a significant impact on meetings, and the wider business to some extent.

So again, what we are actually recommending, is that the product you purchase be fit for the purpose of your space, or related technology system.

We recommend products that not only have a good warranty, but good support and service within the country. And yes this support costs money, which is ultimately incorporated to the cost of the product, but we ask you to evaluate the cost to your business if these meeting room technology systems are down for any length of time.

Just to summarise, technology equipment should be fit for your intended purpose. The functional purpose of the meeting room should be the driver for selection of your technology equipment.