EY Wavespace Centre

Hello and welcome to EY Wavespace. This is a bit of a different floor to what you would typically see in EY workplace that’s because they wanted to make this floor a bit of a unique experience. The biggest difficulty is about the space when they were designing it where there were massive pillars on the floor and the architect did a really good job of covering these pillars with furniture stores and storage but there was still one massive pillar right in the middle of the presentation space. And so, what they did was they design a pivoting wall that rotates around this to allow different flexible zones to two presentations in the different spaces at one time but also have 1 large immersive free flowing presentation space.

So, one of the unique features about EY Wavespace is actually that we needed four different audio zones that weren’t separate by much, but we had to make sure that the audio coverage didn’t spill over into the other areas. We need to have one person presenting in one space, another person presenting in another space without the audio from the lobby and the café spilling into those areas. And so, we had to use technology Bose Edgemax that actually throws audio in either a 90-degree pattern or a 180-degree pattern to make sure we could listen to music here in the lobby and not have it spilled over into those Meeting Space areas.

Additionally, we coordinated a lot of loudspeakers that were just big enough to fit inside this feature ceiling. In this way, we’re not throwing the audio down. It would be less likely to spill them to the other areas because it’s absorbed by people listening to it but also absorbed by the carpet underneath. And we also have drop end speakers that are throwing the audio away from each different zone. A lot of microphones that are used within this space can actually be taken over to the café and it’s just a matter of pressing a button to move between the two different spaces and you don’t need to have certain microphones for certain areas. You can literally have all ten microphones in the space using the one area. It’s a big intricate system that we had to build to make sure that these microphones can be used in any space on the floor.

So, in commercial spaces we’ve grown very used to having the room lights turn on each time we walk into the room and we thought to ourselves, why can’t we just do the same thing with the TV. So, here in the Lab Incubator Room at EY Wavespace, we have occupancy sensors that detect whenever someone’s coming into the room. And once it does, this TV’s turn on. This space is made to be collaborative, and so we have a number of Surface Hubs in the space as well as portable LCD screens with those wireless presenters that I mentioned earlier. Additionally, we have this Benne Wall here, three projectors play side by side. And here, they can have collaborative software that allows them to make sketches, and murals, and post sticky notes. It’s essentially a digital version of a whiteboard as well as a digital version of posted notes.

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