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Are Interactive LCD Screens a Good Investment for your Organisation?

Jonathan – Hey, Adrian! Just last week I was talking to a colleague about Interactive LCD screens and he was working with a particular customer. They wanted to put interactive screens in all of their Meeting Rooms.

Adrian – It’s a lot of screens.

Jonathan – They were a lot. But they weren’t sure whether the screens were actually being used as interactive screens. So, they set up some monitoring and what they found was this particular room was used over 250 times for presentation. But guess how many times it was actually touched?

Adrian –  Uhhh, a hundred?

Jonathan – Try once. Once? That’s right. So, in this presentation spaces, these powerful interactive LCD screens weren’t being utilised. And that’s really the case. Interactive screens are a niche product. They’re only very useful in a small number of scenarios.

Adrian –  So, today we’re here to talk to you about the touch LCD. What is a touch LCD? A touch LCD is like a giant iPad at the front of the room. On it you can draw. You can even annotate over your presentations and email what you’ve done and sometimes you can even video call from them.

Jonathan – It’s really growing in popularity. They’re powerful tools and big power houses like Microsoft with their Surface Hub, Google Jamboard, Cisco Spark, lots of people are producing them.

Adrian –  Yeah. Like you said they’re really powerful but there are few things we need to know about it before putting them everywhere. They’re made to do lots of things but sometimes you only need it to make a presentation. Right. Additionally, it requires lots of training to use this product because they do so many different things.

Jonathan – Yes, that was the case for my scenario. But what kind of niches are they useful for? Where can you put them in?

Adrian –  I suppose you can use them in classrooms because the teacher is at the front and is always using it. They get really comfortable with it. Another place that you can use it is workshopping and brainstorming spaces. When you’re creating ideas, they’re really good for annotating over and when you’re making design considerations.

Jonathan – Oh right. What you’ve described there is really Collaboration space and I think you hit the nail on the head. The other space I was talking about is a Presentation space. When someone asks you to put an interactive LCD screen in, you really need to ask the question “Is the space a Presentation space?” or “Is it a Collaboration space?”.

Adrian –  Yeah, I think that’s right. Well, that brings us to the end of this video. Feel free to reach out to us with your thoughts on today’s topic. Thank you so much for watching.