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Standardising the AV across JLL APAC Workplaces

In an earlier Tech Simple podcast (Episode 6) David and Jonathan discussed the top 3 reasons organisations should consider standardising the AV across their environment. This latest episode takes the discussion one step further with special guest James Cork of JLL. James oversees the AV and other technologies that are implemented into the various offices across the APAC region and has a particular focus on the human experience and interaction with the technologies.

The conversation is very much a client-side perspective of the topic. David and Jonathan have worked with James on developing AV standards for JLL and this episode gets started with James explaining the key benefits he is experiencing by having comprehensive AV standards documentation in place.

We discuss the extent to which things can be standardised by answering the questions: what can be standardised at a global level? What can be standardised at a local level? What cannot really be standardised at all?

Lastly, James tells us about how AV standards should be applied to specific workplace uplift projects and reminds us of the delicate balancing act between adhering to the standards over time whilst still leaving scope to take advantage of advancements in technology.

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