AI, Software, and Hybrid Trends: Workplace AV 2023 Recap and 2024 Forecast

The tech Simple Podcast S02E02

As we kick off a new year it is the perfect time to review what happened in AV technology in the workplace in 2023 and discuss the trends that are most likely to occur in 2024. In this first episode of Season 2 of The Tech Simple podcast, hosts David and Jonathan are joined by expert guests from industry association AVIXA who are in the perfect position to share the data from the market. Sean Wargo and Peter Hansen work together to gather market intelligence in the AV industry through data capture, analytics expertise, insight delivery, and world-class market research.

The information that Sean and Peter provide is hugely beneficial to end customers, manufacturers, distributors, integrators and consultants alike in the pro AV industry – leading to better decision making and winning outcomes for all of us.

Hybrid workplaces and workforces are critical to success for organisations in 2024 and beyond. In the conversations we discuss AV solution standardisation and how businesses are solving for meeting equity. New designs and furniture layouts are helping improve the meeting and collaboration experience. Leveraging AI in smart cameras and microphones and more in 2024 will continue to develop. Scalability and the ability to replicate experiences across offices and space types is also becoming ever more important.
Tune in to learn about these topics and more!

The Benefits of a Professional Project Manager in Workspace Transformations

We recently worked on a workspace project where we were able to save the client over $15 million. You are not just buying my time; you are buying my 25+ years of experience as a professional project manager”. These are the words of Kevin Tompkins of CTPG who shares the microphone with David and Jonathan on this final episode of the Tech Simple podcast in Season 1.

In this chat Kevin likens the role of a professional project manager to that of a “conductor of an orchestra”. This is a key to success. A great PM is able the get the most out of everyone on a project team by giving each person the space and scope to excel at what they do best. He also talks about the importance of assembling the right team of people and companies to work together on a workspace project. The client and type of workspace will heavily influence these choices.

Kevin is also acutely aware of the importance AV now has in the modern workplace. We talk about some of the changes that have occurred in recent years and cover the factors that influence a successful AV outcome on any workspace project. We collectively agree in this discussion that having the right AV team to consult with and advise the client early, and then having the ability to proactively manage change before things become an issue, is invaluable on any project.

AV Insights Unveiled: Conversation with AVIXA’s CEO David Labuskes

AVIXA is the Audiovisual & Integrated Experience Association and is effectively the trade association representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries worldwide. AVIXA is a hub for professional collaboration, information, and community, and is the leading resource for AV standards, certification, training, market intelligence, and thought leadership.

In today’s episode David and Jonathan are joined by the CEO of AVIXA David Labuskes who has been leading the organisation for more than 10 years. David gives us his insights into what AVIXA is doing to continually make the industry better and helps us understand the direct and indirect benefits AVIXA provides to end customers of professional AV technologies.

The guys chat about the prominent trends in AV across different sectors and David shares what he is seeing on a global perspective – it’s interesting to see what things are common across the globe as well as examples of unique trends in different markets. Finally, we ask David what about AV is he excited about the most today and in the future. Stick around to the end to hear his answer!

Standardising the AV across JLL APAC Workplaces

In an earlier Tech Simple podcast (Episode 6) David and Jonathan discussed the top 3 reasons organisations should consider standardising the AV across their environment. This latest episode takes the discussion one step further with special guest James Cork of JLL. James oversees the AV and other technologies that are implemented into the various offices across the APAC region and has a particular focus on the human experience and interaction with the technologies.

The conversation is very much a client-side perspective of the topic. David and Jonathan have worked with James on developing AV standards for JLL and this episode gets started with James explaining the key benefits he is experiencing by having comprehensive AV standards documentation in place.

We discuss the extent to which things can be standardised by answering the questions: what can be standardised at a global level? What can be standardised at a local level? What cannot really be standardised at all?

Lastly, James tells us about how AV standards should be applied to specific workplace uplift projects and reminds us of the delicate balancing act between adhering to the standards over time whilst still leaving scope to take advantage of advancements in technology.

Professional Lighting Design completes a Workplace

“The office is no longer a grid of tables with light levels meeting a required compliance or standard. Agile work is here to stay. Spaces need to be attractive for people to want to return to. They also need to be able to make people feel more connected. Creative lighting design can help to deliver this”. Founder of Lighting Studio MG Michel Goupy and his associate Linsey Walker are expert lighting consultants and designers and join David and Jonathan on this episode of the Tech Simple podcast. 

Michel and Linsey draw on their years of experience working in the hospitality sector to bring warmth and comfort to workspaces. Different types of spaces or areas in the office are designed to encourage or enable different things – whether it be casual chats or team collaboration work or quiet focused work. Good lighting design will help create the right environments to support these different activities. In this episode we learn about how Michel and Linsey approach a project and work in collaboration with all the other members of the wider design team. 

Lighting for video conferencing is very important in the modern office and we learn some key best practices to lighting design. Michel and Linsey also give insights into what is new in commercial lighting technology and how they can be used to continually make better spaces for people at work. 

How an Acoustics Professional adds Value to a Workplace Design

There are many elements to consider when designing or refreshing a workplace. Workflows, employee experience, customer experience, interior design, tech tools and connectivity, building services, lighting, air quality. The list is long. In this episode of the Tech Simple podcast, we are talking about acoustics, which is so important to consider when planning and creating your workplace. As always David and Jonathan are joined by an expert in the field Daniel Natoli, the Director and founder of AKA Acoustics. 

Daniel reminds us how he and professionals in his field can optimise comfort levels for people in all types of environments – whether it be a conference room, open working area, building lobby area, or an entertainment venue. We can all think of times or locations where we were straining to hear or overcome by unwanted noise, which subconsciously sapped our energy. When the opposite is true, and a listening experience is joyful we can sometimes take for granted how this came to be. Enter the work of an acoustics professional. 

Tune in to learn about the dos and don’ts of acoustics in the workplace as well as some tips and tricks that Daniel shares. He also talks through acoustics in meeting spaces and details some example case studies, which are highly insightful and a must listen.