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How to Guarantee Your AV Systems Work, First time Every Time

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with two guests on The Tech Simple Podcast (CLICK HERE TO VISIT), and each of them emphasised the importance of the AV systems in their respective businesses “working first time every time”.

Those two guests were:

• Mark Mitchell – Oceania Premises and Workplace Services Leader at Ernst & Young
• John Preece – Chief Property Officer at Hub Australia
Why is this such an important requirement now? Well, each of them stated that positive customer experiences are critical. By customers they were referring to their staff as well as external customers. A poor or negative customer experience is simply not tolerated anymore. AV needs to work first time and every time. Just like other business tech such as phones, Wi-Fi, or a laptop.

So how do you achieve this in your business?

Take a look at this diagram below. The triangle shape is the key. The three elements forming the sides of the triangle must be present to hold the shape together. If one of the elements is not in place, the triangle collapses and the ability to reach the goal of AV working first time every time is gone.

So let’s dive a little deeper into what you should be aiming for with respect to each of these three elements.


  • Quality components made by quality manufacturers
  • Designed by an AV specialist with experience in the specific technologies
  • Ease of Use is at the forefront of the design
  • The designs are simple, elegant, and not unnecessarily complex
  • Design enables the other two elements in the triangle: Proactive Monitoring + Reliable Support


  • The AV equipment is connected to one or more networks
  • Using monitoring software there is the ability to see status of AV equipment from a central remote location
  • Further to above. Ability to avoid end user impact resulting from faulty AV equipment by either remotely fixing an issue, or rescheduling an end user away from the affecting space
  • Ability to remotely manage updates of firmware to AV equipment
  • Ability to remotely manage security patches and updates to AV equipment


  • You have trained internal staff to assist with basic Level 1 support issues e.g. user error
  • You have a support agreement in place to handle more technical issues/repairs. The agreement is with an experienced and reliable AV service provider. The SLAs are clear and adhered to

With the above things in place you will be well on the way to achieving the goal of AV systems working first time every time for your customers.

Like to have a chat about how we can guarantee the AV systems in your organisation work “First Time Every Time” for your end users?

Feel free to reach out.