How well do you know the two key people in your commercial AVT project?


Hi, I’m David Allara from konnectus AV Consulting. Did you know that the vast majority of AV systems are actually not used by people or they’re definitely not used to their full capabilities? Now, why is that? Well, the reason is because these systems are not actually designed for the people that are actually using them.  Now, that’s quite puzzling you might think. But unfortunately, it’s the truth.

You see, there’s two key people in every single AV project.  And they’re not the AV specialists or the AV designers. They are the people that I call “Mary and Bob”. Now “Mary and Bob” are the people that use the AV systems and they’re so important in every single project. You see, imagine this scenario. You have the best AV designers, you have the best complementary team: your architects, your builders, your installers. The equipment is fantastic. Everything is planned out and thought about perfectly, to the millimeter. It’s commissioned perfectly. At the end of the project, it’s all singing and dancing. But you know what? If no one has really bothered to speak to “Mary and Bob”, complete waste of time and another one of those AV systems which unfortunately, won’t get used.

So, let’s look at some examples of “Mary and Bob” in the real world. In a workspace environment, in that boardroom, the training room, conference rooms, the huddle spaces, “Mary and Bob” are using all of those AV systems. Or what about in a teaching environment like a University, or a school? “Mary and Bob” they could be the teacher running the class, or they might be one of the students using the AV systems. Or what about in a court of law, or a hearing room? The judge, or the court operator, or the solicitor presenting evidence, they could all be “Mary and Bob”. In a more sophisticated space like an entertainment venue, an auditorium, “Mary or Bob” could be operating that mixing desk. Or back in the control room, operating all of the AV systems in a live event. Maybe in a very simple scenario, could be a sound system in a restaurant, “Mary or Bob” has to operate that as well. Or a digital signage system, which are ever so popular now. You need to keep that content fresh and up to date and “Mary and Bob” have that responsibility.

So, you see, “Mary and Bob” are so important and they are at the center of every single AV project. And that’s why we here at konnectus, think about “Mary and Bob” first and foremost before we even look at designing anything. We want to get to know them. We want to understand their world. What’s their current situation? What’s their desired situation? When do they need to use technology? When do they not? What do they need AV technology for, specifically? And on and on we go. So, the better we know “Mary and Bob”, the more accurate we can put together an AV system that truly meets their needs and requirements and we can have confidence that they’re actually going to use these AV systems. So, on your next project, remember not to forget about “Mary and Bob”.

Thanks for watching and if you need help with anything, feel free to reach out.

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