What audiovisual technology does your business actually need?

Audiovisual Technology (AVT) is constantly evolving.
As a result, individuals and teams are more connected and more efficient than ever before.
But how do you know which AVT solution is right for your business – both now and in the future?
That’s where a Needs Assessment from konnectus can help.
A Needs Assessment helps you identify and clarify your AVT requirements,
so you can make an informed decision about this important investment in your business.

What is a Needs Assessment?

Regardless of the size of your AVT project, a Needs Assessment helps you determine:

    • What technology your people need to perform their roles.
    • What you need the technology to do for your business.
    • The most efficient use of the technology.
    • The costs and capabilities of different solutions.
    • How to invest in the right technology – technology that you actually need and helps create a desirable work environment to attract top talent.

A clear picture for your business

Offering unbiased advice and recommendations, a konnectus Needs Assessment helps you uncover the true requirements of your business so we can match the right AVT solution to your circumstances.
Whether you’re in the corporate, education or public sector,
taking the time upfront for a Needs Assessment ensures you get the best AVT solution for your investment,
and can save your business a lot of money and heartache down the track.

Why konnectus?

With years of experience in the audiovisual and ICT industries, our in-house team of designers, engineers,
project leads and trainers are dedicated to matching the right AVT solution to your exact business requirements.

Importantly, we work collaboratively with you to ensure you’re 100% happy with the recommended solution.
After all, it has to meet your needs and your budget.



We guarantee to uncover your true requirements and match them with the most suitable technology options for your organisation.

“The konnectus team are highly responsive and always deliver as promised.
I have especially appreciated their independent approach, which instead of being technology led,
starts with the focus on uncovering our true needs.
This combination has made konnectus my trusted partner in AV technology.”
Byron Subota, Project Lead

Ready for ultimate clarity?

If you’re looking for the right AVT solution for your business, book a Discovery Session today.