The same engineers involved in the Needs Assessment and Detailed Design Realisation processes, are responsible for the thorough testing and commissioning of your installed AVT systems. They ensure all systems meet your original brief, as well as, the documented designs. The quality of installation, fit off, operation, and compliance with all relevant standards is all checked. The desired user experience outlined in your initial Needs Assessment must be met, if not exceeded. Finally, the contractors are supervised to ensure any defects are fully rectified.


We guarantee the new technology systems will be defect free and meet all your functional requirements as documented in the detailed designs.


Needs Assessment



Understand your needs and AVT technology options. Suits smaller organisations or projects.

Needs Assessment



Deeper discovery of needs and AVT technology options. Suits mid sized organisations and projects.

Your Custom Solution



AVT technology to match your core requirements. Suits larger organisations and projects.

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