Developing the conceptual designs is not only crucial to the success of your project but also very exciting. konnectus works closely with you and the greater design team to translate the needs into real and buildable solutions. The focus is on a seamless integration into the built environment, as well as, ease of use of the proposed systems. Your step by step involvement in the process ultimately keeps you in control of the final outcome to ensure your initial vision is maintained.

Realising the detailed design is where the expert team of designers and engineers truly come into their own. All of the design documents are produced in house with meticulous attention to detail. Time is taken to work with the other members of the design team (architect, services engineers, builder, and other contractors) to ensure the AVT designs, and theirs, are well coordinated and accurate. The end result is a full set of high quality design documents ready for the build.


We guarantee to document all designs in full detail and ensure the technology solutions are seamlessly integrated with all dependent designs and systems.


Needs Assessment



Understand your needs and AVT technology options. Suits smaller organisations or projects.

Needs Assessment



Deeper discovery of needs and AVT technology options. Suits mid sized organisations and projects.

Your Custom Solution



AVT technology to match your core requirements. Suits larger organisations and projects.

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