Meeting Room Design Optimisation – Standards, Trends, User Experience Meeting Room Design Optimised - Standards, Trends, Experience

Meeting Room Design Optimisation – Standards, Trends, User Experience

Another engaging podcast discussion with Greg Jeffreys as we delve into the fascinating world of modern meeting room technology and design. Greg sheds light on the evolution of video display sizes in meeting rooms, driven by Microsoft Front Row. He also provides insights on the pitfalls of designing a dual-screen setup in a meeting room. Discover why Microsoft’s focus on smaller rooms is a game-changer and how innovations like Microsoft Copilot are shaping the future of meeting room experiences.

Explore the trend of end users taking meeting room setups into their own hands and the challenges this poses. Greg highlights the importance of a collaborative partnership between IT and AV professionals to ensure optimal device functionality and sensory experiences. Uncover the industry’s missing concept of “try before you buy” and the value of experiencing different room setups firsthand to make informed decisions and appreciate the expertise of AV professionals.

Gain exclusive insights from Greg on the importance of standards in capturing end user needs in meeting spaces and a sneak peek into his upcoming book on hybrid meeting and teaching spaces, with a focus on Microsoft Teams Rooms and enhancing the end user experience.

Don’t miss this episode packed with valuable perspectives for end users, architects, AV designers, and anyone passionate about elevating meeting room design and technology.

A thought-provoking discussion that will reshape your perception of meeting room setups and the role of technology in creating impactful experiences.

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