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Do you remember that picture on the left? You had to remote dial into a meeting and the majority of the people in the meeting were physically in the room. The people in the room were having a great...
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Frame Yourself Correctly for a Better Video Call Experience

Hi there! It's David here from konnectus. And if, like me for the last three or four weeks you have been on a lot of conference calls, you know, we're now working from home, it's a whole new reality. You might have been on one or two conference calls a week earlier but now, I seen it beyond two or three every single day and I'm doing it working from home and you'll probably on the same situa...
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Microsoft is a Software Company, Should They be Making Hardware?

Written by: Jonathan Cuthbertson With the recent release of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3, it made me question, why is ...
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You Can Tell A Lot About An Engineer When They Tell You About Their Favourite Project

Written by: Adrian Magno Tell me about your favourite project? In a world where smart phones are turning small talk into a rarefied skill, I find this question is still one I like to pull out at the occasional consultant dinner or lunch that still seems to get and engaging response. A lot of hardcore audio guys love talking about the insanely ...
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User Training; Realising the RETURN on the Technology INVESTMENT

Written by: David Allara I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed a training session on how to use newly installed AV or ICT systems be little more ...
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Service & Maintenance

SAVE MONEY on your AV systems and lock in PERFORMANCE and EFFICIENCY!

Written by: David Allara There is one aspect of AV and ICT systems which is often overlooked, and that is the importance of putting in place a service and maintenance plan. AV and ICT systems do not work forever defect free, and require ongoing maintenance and support. It is a...
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