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New Camera Control Feature in Crestron Flex Systems for Microsoft Teams

We are starting to get some great feedback from end users at our customers as they get back to the office and start using their newly installed Microsoft Teams Rooms systems. One feature that peopl...
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Optimise Your AV in a Room with Poor Acoustics

How many times have you been in a meeting space or classroom and really struggled to clearly hear what is being said? Whether there is an AV system in use or not, this can be a frustrating experience that you can no doubt relate to.

I often get asked whether a high quality AV system in the room can improve the listening experience - especially on conference ...

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Stem Audio – Review | Does It Live Up To The Hype

The Stem Audio Ecosystem is comprised of five device categories: Ceiling mount, Wall mount, Table mount, Hub and Control. It’s an ambitious product line that attempts to simplify the deployment of ...
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Top 3 Tips when Planning AV Tech for your New Office

2020 has seen a major change in work patterns and practices. As more people choose to work from home more often, the purpose and design of offices must change. Technology is key to that change. Check out these TOP 3 TIPS to follow as you plan for your "new look" office in 2021 and beyond.
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konnectus Managing Director talks to AV Asia Pacific Magazine about the future of Workspace Technology

In this interview David Allara talks about how COVID-19 has and will continue to have large impacts on the way people will work. What will technology in the workplace look like? How will workplaces...
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E-Waste | Sustainable Disposal of Audio Visual Equipment

Electronic waste or "e-waste" continues to increase year on year and has become a major global issue we all need to work together on solving. konnectus is proud to offer a solution to e-waste for our customers. All your legacy audio visual equipment items can be repurposed or safely recycled. Watch the video above to learn more. Your old audio visual equipment can be collected direct from yo...
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