How to Optimise Returns on AV and Technology Investments

Quite often I’ll be having a conversation with a customer, and we’ll be talking about a specific technology. It might be an Audio and Video system, or it might be a solution for a workplace. It could be some sort of a technology for a school or a technology system for a university. It doesn’t really matter what the technology is.

We’ll have our conversation; we’ll be getting into some specifics. And at a certain point, I’ll pause the conversation and I’ll ask the person I’m speaking to a very important question. And that question is this, “what specifically is the outcome you’re looking to achieve by implementing this technology system?” And quite often the response I get back is varied, So one of those responses might be, “Well you know, we’ve had some systems in place for a while now, and they’re getting a bit old, and they are out of warranty and it’s just time to upgrade them. So we want to put in something new.” And whilst that’s a good response you might think on the surface, it’s not that great a response really, because what’s the outcome you’re trying to achieve? Apart from just replacing with new.

So another response I might get is, “Well, we believe that by implementing this technology, there’s going to be an improved experience for our people, so the people could be employees, or they could be customers, or they could be students.” And that’s a much better response in my opinion, because now we have something to work with. Now we can have a conversation about something that’s a little bit more meaningful to a typical organisation.
So from there, I can ask a few more questions and dig a little deeper and together we can try and define what that experience is specifically. And that is very helpful because then that just puts us on a path to having something that potentially is also measurable, and that’s the key here, ’cause that’s the third step.

You can have outcomes, which you’re trying to achieve. However, if you can’t measure them, it’s very difficult to really tell if they’re working or not. And it’s almost impossible to try and optimise them. So these days technology systems can all be put on a network of some sort, and there’s plenty of software platforms out there that can give us some data to measure what’s going on. And then we can use that data to analyse what’s happening and optimise those solutions and achieve better outcomes.

So that’s the key here, when you’re thinking about your next technology investment, look for technologies that A, are going to give you specific outcomes, which you can measure and can also optimise, to get the best return on your investment.

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