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E-Waste | Sustainable Disposal of Audio Visual Equipment

Electronic waste or “e-waste” continues to increase year on year and has become a major global issue we all need to work together on solving. konnectus is proud to offer a solution to e-waste for our customers. All your legacy audio visual equipment items can be repurposed or safely recycled. Watch the video above to learn more.

Your old audio visual equipment can be collected direct from your premises, and our e-waste partners will guarantee it gets repurposed in one of two ways.

1. Newer equipment will be repaired and sold on the second hand market, or donated to one of many local charities in need.

2. The older equipment will be recycled in accordance with AS/NZS 5377 standards, and you will be provided with a written certificate detailing each disposal. Up to 90% of the components can be recycled, which is great news for the planet.

The other great news is that our ewaste partners ensure your old equipment won’t be dumped offshore. By the way, if you have old IT equipment like computers, monitors, phones, copiers and the like, we can help you recycle or repurpose those as well.

Have an immediate need to safely dispose e-waste? Call konnectus Today on +61 2 8011 3929.