Why project catch ups are so fundamental in technology projects?

Written by: Fae Sarshoghi One of the best parts of my job is sitting with our customers and getting them to talk about what they’re experiencing during and after an AV Technology project. Although this can be challenging from...

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What big players are showcasing at Infocomm2019

With the news coming out and #infocomm2019 trending, we had a look at the displays launched or highlighted this year by big players in commercial AV and here’s what we found: (Please note this is not a konnectus product...

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AV systems of note – Downstream’s Vmware

Written by: Adrian Magno It was 11:30pm on a Friday night as my girlfriend (now wife) messaged me for the 6th time asking when I’d finish work. 2014, I was a lowly Technical Support Engineer working on the biggest...

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Media: rAVe Publications – Interview with David Allara

Earlier this year, konnectus’ Managing Directro, David Allara, was interviewed by rAVe publications to share his insights and experience working in the AV industry: 1. Describe your journey in the AV industry? How did it start? I actually did...

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3 Mistakes to Avoid when you next invest in AV Technology

Written by: David Allara If you are considering an investment in new Audio Visual Technology for your organisation, and you are not working with an Independent AV Expert, then you are making a big mistake. I guarantee you will be setting yourself up to waste tens if not hundreds of...

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What my toughest AV project taught me about communication

Written by: Adrian Magno First time at bat It was around about 10pm on a Wednesday, I remember vividly having to reread the email a few times before drafting different versions of a response I was happy with. I...

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