The specific goals and requirements of your project will dictate the right mix of service offerings, and a customised plan will be developed for you. A typical project can be divided into the eight phases shown below. Proven experience demonstrates that following these eight important steps leads to the very successful delivery of a typical project. Your customised service plan may include one, all, or a hybrid of these.



From the beginning of every project the focus is on you, the customer. Independent and expert advice is provided on a full range of factors to help us make the right AVT decisions with you. This includes: unbiased reviews and demonstrations of products or technologies, integration requirements with the related physical environment, ease of use, and accurate estimates of the investment options. The approach is friendly, simple, and collaborative to ensure you are always at the centre of the needs analysis process.


Developing the conceptual designs is not only crucial to the success of your project but also very exciting. The team works closely with you and the greater design team to translate the needs into real and buildable solutions. The focus is on a seamless integration into the built environment, as well as, ease of use of the proposed systems. Your step by step involvement in the process ultimately keeps you in control of the final outcome to ensure your initial vision is maintained.


Realising the detailed design is where the expert team of designers and engineers truly come into their own. All of the design documents are produced in house with meticulous attention to detail. Time is taken to work with the other members of the design team (architect, services engineers, builder, and other contractors) to ensure the AVT designs, and theirs, are well coordinated and accurate. The end result is a full set of high quality design documents ready for the build.



Different contractors and installers have different strengths, and konnectus will help you find those with the strengths best suited to your specific project. A thorough and independent quantitative and qualitative evaluation of each prospective contractor is done, which includes a price and scope gap analysis. You can thus be confident in the final contractor selection, rest assured their quoted price is fair, and have trust that no hidden costs arise later.


The designs have been documented, the contractors have been selected, and now is the time for the installation of your AVT systems. A proactive approach in working closely with the AVT contractors and other related trades ensures the documented designs are followed completely. Accurate and responsive site direction is provided to keep your project on schedule and within budget. A continual monitoring of any contractor variations is part of the service and assures that nothing unwarranted is added to the bottom line.


The same engineers involved in the needs analysis and detailed design realisation processes are responsible for the thorough testing and commissioning of your installed AVT systems. They ensure all systems meet your original brief, as well as, the documented designs. The quality of installation, fit off, operation, and compliance with all relevant standards is all checked. The desired user experience outlined in your initial Needs Analysis must be met, if not exceeded. Finally, the contractors are supervised to ensure any defects are fully rectified.



To maximise your return on investment in the new AVT, expert and tailored training is offered on the systems for the people that will be using them. Using real world day to day scenarios the trainers can instil confidence in each person to use the new technology and get the most out of it. Training sessions offered range from basic overviews for large groups, to more detailed and even technical one on one sessions for your super users or facilities staff.


Customisable options are available for konnectus to support you and be your single point of contact after installation. This streamlines the process and avoids you needing to deal with user support issues or the ongoing management of contractors. A basic service typically includes providing or managing the ongoing general and technical support of the AVT systems. Assistance in the design and implementation of detailed Service and Maintenance agreements, or AVT Asset Management solutions are also available to you.